Yo Blake Mills

Yo, first post. Just a quick hello, I’m not going to explain my music taste here as this won’t be going live for a few weeks anyway and you’ll probably get the picture once you see the archive of material I’ll build up in my quest to the top. The only question I will answer is the name “Beer for the Ear.” I can appreciate not everyone drinks but I think anyone who has the desire to go onto a music blog will understand the metaphor of pouring some intoxicant into your mind when you hear something brand new and superb.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. The song today is “If I’m Unworthy” by the ever superb Blake Mills. He’s just so hard to hate man. My previous experience with Blake hasn’t been what you’d call extensive but hearing the fuzzy tone’s echo through this track and the undervalued lead break make his next album, “Heigh Ho,” well worth pre-ordering. This is just such a chill track to put on after a crap day at work listening to your bosses farts and struggling to find your direction post-college (although not my boss, he’s lovely). Anyway, enjoy.

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