Owl John | Red Hand

So anyone who knows me, which is likely as if you’re reading this far back means you either really get me or you’re a sympathetic friend, you’ll know that ever since I discovered them in 2008 as a newly cynical 16 year old I’ve loved Frightened Rabbit. The band just spoke to the part of me that thought celibacy is the only sensible romantic option for anyone without a 6 pack. After releasing 4 studio albums (yes four, Sing The Greys exists and I’m still waiting for them to play Snake live) singer Scott Hutchinson has unveiled his latest project Owl John.

Apparently Owl John has been conceived as part draft part side-project ahead of the latest Frabbit album after last years “Pedestrian Verse” and the subsequent mammoth tour. I’ve always been a fan of side-projects from Postal Service to Broken Bells via Hymie’s Basement. They just lend a unique voice to musicians who we get so used to seeing in certain masks. We often forget that the band doesn’t define the person and they often have eclectic tastes moving beyond the albums etc we get treated to.

Owl John retains the aggression and rawness of Frightened Rabbit’s back catalog and reminds me of the 7th track from The Winter of Mixed Drinks Man/Bag of Sand as well as the latest tracks released on “The Woodpile EP”. As usual it’s brilliantly honest and painfully wounding which if I was a songwriter would be genuinely impossible. I have a penchant to exaggerate and hate to admit my faults. The album is out on August the 4th and is available to preorder. If ordered from the website you get some lovely free instant downloads which’ll sweeten the deal. I’ve ordered my copy so get on it. Everyone needs their black day playlist.

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