Megan Washington | Limitless

When I listened to music growing up I’d put in my cheap Argos earbuds, close my eyes, and imagine I was up on stage with the band singing and performing the tracks my heroes recorded myself. As I’ve got older I’ve realised this was pretty self-indulgent/bordering on the egotistical. Saying that I have a music blog so I’m probably still pretty egotistical. Anyway as this was the way I majoritively listened to music I was often drawn to male artists not because of any gender bias but that I wanted to imagine myself playing these songs.

As this hugely embarrassing form of listening has moved on from life like acne and One Tree Hill I’ve spent most of my recent time over the last 6 months indulging in the frankly ridiculous amount of top-class female artists out there at the moment. Whether its Waxahatchee, Mount Moriah, The Preatures or Speedy Ortiz (LOVE Speedy Ortiz) there is literally a saturation of quality female fronted acts that’s probably drowning the male population when talking in terms of quality.

Near the top of this impressive pile is Australian Megan Washington. Her latest track “Limitless” taken off the unreleased and much anticipated “There There” is a fantastic 80s throwback driving song propelled by a fantastic voice that makes me want to surrender my Y chromosome in jealousy. Built for sweaty nights with a tasteful DJ and the summer festival circuits it’s pretty great. I mean I’m waxing lyrically about it, of course it’s great. The album isn’t scheduled for a relaxed date in her native homeland until September 12th which means it’s unlikely to hit the UK until the back end of the year but it’ll be worth it if you’re looking for the perfect driving song to play exceedingly loudly on the way home from your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s house.

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