Beer For The Ear Mix | Edinburgh

So taking a leaf out of my favourite, and now regrettably less active, music blog FWBA, I am producing monthly (he says) mixes to go out at the beginning of every month. Now most people’s mixes are ultra clued in with the latest tracks you’re supposed to be listening to. My stance is that a mix should be something evocative of a time and place so should obviously include music you were listening to at the time, regardless of it’s altitude in the blogosphere.

As some of you may know I’m leaving the South-West behind to study a Masters degree in Edinburgh. A huge loss for Somerset but a massive gain for you as I will now be able to blog from an actual scene where actual music is getting made by actual people and there are, y’know, actual gigs and shows to go to. The plan is to produce some small fanzines (because I love inDesign) to accompany these mixes which will feature exclusive local talent so keep your eyes peeled for that man.

Anyway this mix is filled with tunes I’ve been listening to lately as well as some hastily selected music from the fairer, if colder, country in the British Isles. Along with the collection of Frightened Rabbit and My Latest Novel is some of the stuff I’ve been listening to whilst getting ready for this period of my young vagabond’s journey. And by journey I mean an 8 hour car drive with my Dad who still can’t get over how great AC/DC were. So naturally it’s a little ponderous and slow, sorry. There’s some newer stuff but the majority is historic, I promise I’ll get more cutting edge guys.

Track List:
Red House Painters | Have You Forgotten (Vinyl Version)
Belle & Sebastian | Wrapped Up in Books
Hiss Golden Messenger | Brother Do You Know The Road?
Admiral Fallow | Guest Of The Government
My Latest Novel | Two Headed Boy (BBC Session, Neutral Milk Hotel Cover)
RHODES | Breathe
We Were Promised Jetpacks | Quiet Little Voices
Frightened Rabbit | Floating In The Forth
Raury & Vancouver Sleep Clinic | Superfly
Mo Kenney | Telephone
The Twilight Sad | Cold Days From The Birdhouse (Live)
Soak | The Mother We Share (CHVRCHES Cover)
Fiancé | Ivy
NICO | The Fairest Of Seasons

Raury & Vancouver Sleep Clinic | Superfly

I’ve been a little slow on the new music discovery train recently due to endless amounts of packing required for my imminent move to the Scottish landscape that is Edinburgh for my Masters degree. I’ve seen Raury posted around a little but haven’t had the wherewithal to actually check it out until I saw him partnered with one of my all-time-favourites Vancouver Sleep Clinic, who is something of a Boin Iver-elect. Anyway, Raury’s debut EP (love Eps) is available here with a points target, because who doesnt love a game? And it’s an ideal procrastination effort for those of you stuck in an office all week ignoring co-workers idle chatter.

Hong Kong |High Noon [Album]

I was a little late to the party for Hong Kong, only getting in on the action as he announces his debut album “High Noon” scheduled for release on the 1st of September on Thumbs Off Records. What’s even better is the complete album is available to stream right now and I’ve included a link for all you lucky duckies. A must listen for those of you who ever listened to Elliot Smith and thought he personified your gawky teenage years. I’ve also included a link to the single “Late Bloomer” for those of you with short attention spans or little time.

Whyte Horses | The Snowfalls

So my listening history is best described as melancholic. I don’t know why but I just seem to be drawn to misery and despair in my heroes. That’s probably really unhealthy. However despite my love for Elliot Smith, Frightened Rabbit and other purveyors of all things sad I do often need to take time out and actually put on a track that doesn’t upset everybody.

“Whyte Horses” The Snowfall is the perfect end of summer track. It’s unpretentious and fizzes with that energy we all have once the impending reality of school/work dawns and we squeeze every last penny out of our wallets to waste on an incredibly good time.

The single is out on the 22nd of September on CRC Music.

RHODES | Breathe

RHODES are great. I remember hearing “Your Soul” on Soundcloud and shoving it on endless repeat (bit of a theme there) in the photo studios at university. The “Morning” EP was great and I’ve always felt that EP’s are an underrated format for music to be released. It’s like a light lunch. Small but delicious. Breathe is off the new EP “Home” and will be released on the 19th of September on his own “Rhodes Music” imprint so make sure to check it out. It’s ideal for the typical August rains we seem to be drowning in.

According to The 405 these are his upcoming tour dates:

Tour Dates:
Wed 17th LONDON, Koko (Supporting Hozier)
Thurs 18th PLYMOUTH, Pavillions (Supporting London Grammar)

Mon 20th LONDON, Oslo
Mon 27th MANCHESTER, Deaf Institute
Tue 28th NOTTINGHAM, Bodega
Thu 30th BIRMINGHAM, Hare & Hounds
Fri 31st GLASGOW, King Tuts
Sat 1st LEEDS, Brudenell Games Room
Sun 2nd BRIGHTON, Sticky Mikes
Wed 5th BRISTOL, Lantern

Mo Kenney | Telephone

Man I really like this song.

It’s not very often that song comes along that I continually procrastinate to press play again. Considering I’ve subjected my boss to the line “If I had another lover could I keep you on the side?” I’m pretty sure he’s going to kill me. The trade off here is that she’s inconceivably close to my own age which makes it impossible not to look at my own life and think “hmm, not quite enough effort there Steve.”

Kenney’s new album is out on September the 30th on Pheromone/New Scotland Records and can be preordered here.

Field Report | Home (Leave the Lights On)

I’ve always listened to music seasonally. I don’t know what it is but I have to match my music to the mood. I guess I’m not alone, you don’t see many people singing Jingle Bells in June. August for me has always leant my ear towards Americana. Once over the manic July party month August was always a moment of relaxation before the inevitability of education reared it’s head again. It would always allow me to retire into an idealised America of road trips, State lines and pancakes with bacon. Probably down to the fact that I’m English and so I haven’t had my “America Dream” crushed by cynical reality (we can still have the alfalfa Lenny).

Field Report” are a band fronted by Chris Porterhouse, a former bandmate of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. “Home” is a gorgeous track from the upcoming album “Marigolden” out on October 7th on Partisan Records. It’s just ideal for that moment when you can leave for those idealistic and inevitably false pastures ahead. So listen hard and dream of apple pie amigos. Or, if you’re not an English idiot who read too much Kerouac, just listen to the song.