Seafret | Give Me Something

When looking at Seafret’s sound cloud profile their description reads as follows “Acoustic duo, making songs for your ears.” I don’t know about you, but to me these sound like musical brewers making the perfect musical IPA for your Summer evenings.

I’ve always been partial to a simple acoustic track, I can’t help it I’m a melodic man. After finding the track on the excellent Scientists of Sound it’s been doing the rounds at the Beer for the Ear office (aka my childhood bedroom). It’s the kind of track that I pick up hundreds of on my sound cloud and play over and over again consistently as I work and study. The build up is perfect and the ease in means that it has both the potential to wash around as background music or swell into the forefront of your musical inebriation (the amount of beer puns this blog will be awash with is going to get silly). However it’s easy to separate the wheat from the chaff with these tracks, if they force you to put down your pen and replay it over and over then it’s a winner, if not then its basically hipster Enya. Fortunately this is in the former category, it’s fantastic.

Expect to see it on their debut EP to be released soon sharing the track name “Give Me Something” to be released on the 21st of September.

Seafret’s Offical Facebook

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