Adult Jazz | Am Gone

So right now in the UK everyone’s going nuts on Adult Jazz. It seems this happens every summer, a band comes out of the woodwork just when you need it to inject some real phoenix-style revitalisation into your summer listening habits. In the NME (The Daily Mail of music journalism according to a good friend of mine) Adult Jazz are the next Alt-J. I get the comparison. Both play technically superb and subtle guitar based “indie” (gross word) that entwine with improvisational and superb lyrics. Both are from Leeds and both have the potential to strike the Summer sound waves with a flag of their own.

The difference is that Alt-J in Summer 2012 felt everlasting. That they would go on dominating forever and then as quickly as they shot onto the scene the slid off the map. Adult Jazz feel, at least to me, to have less a point to prove. Alt-J have already paved the way and Adult Jazz are able to release themselves from any and all boundaries and produce music really expansive without having to justify themselves. But hey, don’t take my word for it, listen to the track below and see why my opinion is gospel.

The album was released on August 4th 2014 but as I’ve been in Europe for 10 days I’m unfortunately a little late.. Get your perfect drinking companion straight from Adult Jazz.

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