Field Report | Home (Leave the Lights On)

I’ve always listened to music seasonally. I don’t know what it is but I have to match my music to the mood. I guess I’m not alone, you don’t see many people singing Jingle Bells in June. August for me has always leant my ear towards Americana. Once over the manic July party month August was always a moment of relaxation before the inevitability of education reared it’s head again. It would always allow me to retire into an idealised America of road trips, State lines and pancakes with bacon. Probably down to the fact that I’m English and so I haven’t had my “America Dream” crushed by cynical reality (we can still have the alfalfa Lenny).

Field Report” are a band fronted by Chris Porterhouse, a former bandmate of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. “Home” is a gorgeous track from the upcoming album “Marigolden” out on October 7th on Partisan Records. It’s just ideal for that moment when you can leave for those idealistic and inevitably false pastures ahead. So listen hard and dream of apple pie amigos. Or, if you’re not an English idiot who read too much Kerouac, just listen to the song.

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