The Wooden Sky | Saturday Night

The Wooden Sky are one of those bands that have curiously followed me around during large parts of my life. They’ve been ever-present during my university years through hangovers and ill advised encounters, so much so that I attribute them to the autumnal September and October days that constitute the beginning of educational rigour. All of which is entirely pointless as I seem to spend most of my days freaking out in front of my seminar reading instead of actually doing anything productive but regardless, The Wooden Sky are good for both. The new album has just been released on the band’s new label Chelsea Records.

The album is available to stream here but you should probably buy it no?

King Tuff | Headbanger

Don’t get me wrong. I love electronic music and the consistently strong digital produced music coming out these days as seen in the post below but sometimes all you really need is some old school rock and roll in the same vein as the stuff you grew up with. King Tuff solves that problem in a jiffy. Unpretentious but full of promise the new album is out 22/23 of September on Sub Pop. Also if anyone is from Edinburgh like my gorgeous self they’ll be hitting Sneaky Pete’s on Cowgate on November 18th, I’ll be there so crack on.

FMLYBND | Young Wild

I haven’t posted for a week so I’m really sorry, I’ve been totally absorbed in my own graduation and starting my masters course here which has been as intimidating as inserting The Incredible Hulk a catheter. Anyway, FMLYBND are the latest band to shamelessly plug as I seek to get back into the process of blogging. It took me a while to really decided whether or not I liked this as there’s a something of a T4 On The Beach feel. Still it just errs on the right side of taste to give a go to and it’s ideal for the new incredibly long walk I face from my new flat to the Edinburgh College of Art Campus.

Just returning to the fold FMLYBND describe themselves as electronic grunge which I don’t quite buy but they’re still worth a spin. Their EP “Back to Life” will be out October 7th.

Steve out.

Hiss Golden Messenger | Saturday’s Song

I don’t know about anyone else but when I listen to a song that I really like, and when I say really like I mean obsess over, I immediately envisage myself to be playing it on stage with hundreds of adoring fans appreciating my genius. I can’t help it, I have an egotistical streak. Hiss Golden Messenger are just the kind of band I would have wanted to be in growing up. Tight instrumentation rife with guitar interplay, a laconic “no fucks” attitude and a laid back vocal delivery that says “No I don’t sound like Brandon Flowers because I smoke too much and I’m just too cool.”

Hiss Golden Messenger’s new album is out on the 9th of September on Merge Records and trust me you just need to get hold of it because they’re one of the most exciting bands making stuff at the moment and even the NME liked it which means it’s either genius or a Libertines side-project and there’s no Pete Doherty even near it.

Get it here.

The Vaselines | High Tide Low Tide

The Vaselines are one of those bands that nearly everyone has heard of but rarely listened to courtesy of some heavy support from one of the biggest 90s bands of all time. Kurt Cobain covered these guys with Nirvana so many times that he practically helped fund their entire careers with the subsequent Nirvana royalties and nearly all of us have heard “Jesus Don’t Want Me For A Sunbeam” thanks to a certain MTV unplugged album.

Thing is The Vaselines are actually really cool. Like cooler than you are and twice as old which is a tricky task. High Tide Low Tide is the opening track front he upcoming album “V for Vaselines” which is gonna hit the stores on the 29th of September. As a side note, if any of you are as lucky as me to live in Edinburgh then they’re playing Caves in the city on the release date of the album so see you there.

The Preatures | Somebody’s Talking

When I was a kid in the early 2000s and watching those awful hedonistic-college movies one thing I could never understand was the relentlessly enthusiastic dancing around a song. It all seemed a little intimidating and almost pagan. That was until I listened to The Preatures “Is This How You Feel?” released last year. I played that song on solid repeat continually until a point came where I either got an embarrassing band tattoo or moved on for a while.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is a band releasing new material and rediscovering just why you were so enamoured in the first place and this is what we get with Somebody’s Talking. 60s inspired guitar pop that is just ideal for moving junk around my new room in Edinburgh. Their debut LP Blue Planet Eyes is released on 26th of September and is sorely needed.