FMLYBND | Young Wild

I haven’t posted for a week so I’m really sorry, I’ve been totally absorbed in my own graduation and starting my masters course here which has been as intimidating as inserting The Incredible Hulk a catheter. Anyway, FMLYBND are the latest band to shamelessly plug as I seek to get back into the process of blogging. It took me a while to really decided whether or not I liked this as there’s a something of a T4 On The Beach feel. Still it just errs on the right side of taste to give a go to and it’s ideal for the new incredibly long walk I face from my new flat to the Edinburgh College of Art Campus.

Just returning to the fold FMLYBND describe themselves as electronic grunge which I don’t quite buy but they’re still worth a spin. Their EP “Back to Life” will be out October 7th.

Steve out.

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