Blake Mills | Heigh Ho [Album Review]

I’ve been a very naughty boy. Since starting my Masters program I’ve become swamped in work and the ohfuckfestival annual parade. This has meant blogging has entirely and completely fallen by the wayside which is a massive shame.

For those who don’t remember my first post was actually Blake Mills’ “If I’m Unworthy” and has been on mixes and playlists since. Heigh Ho is beautifully polished without being completely overwhelming. Crucially it’s unpretentious. It starts with the previously mentioned track building in sweetly but the stand out track for me is “Don’t Tell Our Friends About Me.” Featuring Fiona Apple it’s a fantastic track specialising in gradual building of layers to carry Blake Mills laconic yet urgent drawl.

Sorry it’s not particularly long today but I’m tired and stressed. Heigh Ho is out now, get it here.