Rhodes | @ King Tuts Glasgow 31/10/2014

Let me start by saying that I have been a very very naughty boy. I’ve let the blog flounder slightly as I moved to Edinburgh. It took a reasonable toll on me as I moved to a brand new city and struggled on my new Masters course which I have only just managed to settle into. This lead to my focus waning and the blog being neglected like a greying slab of cheese at the back of the cupboard.

“No more” he cried. It is time to start anew. Anyway, I went to see Rhodes play a set in Glasgow on Halloween and it was an excellent alternative to getting spat on in grungey nightclubs. Coming on after an hour of support acts I was expecting numerous musicians to capture the lush instrumentation present on his EPs and was surprised to be confronted by a single guy with even less facial hair than myself and curly locks in need of a trim.

Rhodes @ King Tuts

Skeptical at first Rhodes channeled his inner Jeff Buckley and blew the room away. It’s never easy to go up as one man and try and channel the developed soulful sound found on his records live with just a guitar or piano, but man we weren’t disappointed. Communicating with the small crowd in a shy modest tone was a brilliant contrast to the visceral nature of his songs and Rhodes even dealt with a battered heckler with class, decorum and a slight flash of sarcasm which I appreciated beyond words.

Ending on Your Soul, which was the highlight of the night, Rhodes scuttled off for a drink with the audience and was freely signing EPs and other merch which is just friendly. He’s still got some tour dates going in Leeds and Bristol if you hurry. If not he’s working on his first feature LP which will be accompanied by a tour so look out for tickets to not miss out on a class act.

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