Liu Bei | Goodness

Mummy, I’ve been very bad. Beer For The Ear began with much promise but, along with many others, I am overly susceptible to the pressures of pub and stress. I would make a big resolution for the new year but judging from my history on keeping such promises then best not eh? It’s been a case of listening to old comforts as I moved to a new place and retreated into myself faster than a snail on speed.

Anyway, having got up and into the world a little after the whiskey haze of Christmas, I recently discovered Liu Bei. After searching for info on the band turns out Liu Bei is also a monumentally famous Chinese warlord/famous person. Goodness is the title track off their upcoming EP out on Museumgoer Records (which I think is newly founded) so keep your eyes peeled for that to hit. Until then please pester me to be more reliable.

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