Dutch Party | Paper Moon

Inside every guy with a Macbook and a domain name for a music blog is a small kid who’s first glassy eyed moment of clarity was to some ever-so-sweet indie pop. It’s impossible to avoid, no matter how cynical I become, I can be instantly charmed by jangly guitars and piano that could, if I was facetious, be described as plinkey-plonkey. It distinctly reminds me of summer’s in which I would inevitably curate some sort of whimsical sound-track through my iPod for me to enjoy throughout the months.

Enter stage left Dutch Party from LA. Paper Moon is their second single and really does transport me back to days of endless Belle and Sebastian listening and evenings spinning Spoon endlessly. It has that 60s attitude with just enough edge to not be Simon and Garfunkel. Listen below and keep your eyes peeled for these guys. They could just be big.

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