Owl John | It Get’s Cold

I really wasn’t sure whether to post this under Owl John or not as on Soundcloud they are under the name “Christmas John.” Scott Hutchinson, whether with Frightened Rabbit or here with Owl John, has always been an absolutely king of the festive song. With at least two Frabbit Christmas Tracks, “It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop” and “Boxing Night,” it’s no surprise that this fine tradition has continued here with these fine festive offerings.  This tune “It Get’s Cold” hit yesterday and I highly advise to hit up Soundcloud for the free downloads of all 4 songs released over Christmas as they are impeccable (as always) and disappear come the new year. Don’t ever turn your nose up at something free but it’s criminal to let it run away without you. Any student will surely understand the need to take every freebie offered to you and find a use for it later. It’s how any of us survive. The Christmas period may be over but it’s the best time to stock up on the only things that will get you through next year.

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