Sleater-Kinney | Bury Our Friends

Sweater-Kinney were always one of those bands I saw in mixes and compilations alongside other late noughties indie bands that I was, at the time, obsessed with. Yet for whatever reason I just never gave them the time of day. Certainly not down to any form of prejudice, I just always glossed over what they were doing. After being on hiatus for 5 years since 2007, this year saw the band announced a new album “No Cities to Love” that will be released January 19th on Sub Pop. Seeing this as a perfect chance to engage with a previously untapped research I listened to the leaked song from the album “Bury Our Friends.”

It’s nostalgic for me and I can’t help it. It’s Millennium era College Rock and for that I love it in it’s entirety. It reminds me of an era of pre-responsibility and endless attempts to straighten my fringe to appeal to the cute girls in glasses with Rilo Kiley badges on their blazers. Only kidding, there was never anyone that cool at my school.

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