Mondo Drag | Crystal Visions Open Eyes

When I was a kid I loved Pink Floyd. It was entirely different from anything I’d been exposed to at the time. Pink Floyd became one of those weird signposts for guys of my generation who’d been exposed to their music by our Dads. Because that’s who they were, the thinking man’s Dad band. Psych rock therefore had their idols, and no matter how much anyone tried, it was always a cheap copy. That’s not to say we haven’t had some great Psych-influence stuff and Floyd are so pervasive that Gilmour-esque bends and Floydian instrumentation has  been found across the musical landscape. Mondo Drag however remind me of the music I wanted to write when I first listened to Pink Floyd. I wanted to make the intellectualism of post-Syd Floyd mate with the hard rock that me with my preposterous long hair worshipped. Mondo Drag won’t become the new Floyd but they may just fill that gap for all of us who never got over the fact they own a Fender Strat long enough to play it cohesively, let alone write music. “Crystal Visions Open Eyes” eschew Gilmours endlessly clean tone for a fuzz that takes us in and out of the 70s into muddy post-graduate living. Or perhaps that’s just me?

The new album is out on January 16th and is available here. As much as I love the next great crooning love song for the unrequited, sometimes a songscape is needed and Mondo Drag fit the bill.

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