The Caitlin Rose | Been Thinkin Bout You All The Time

Being a middle class English kid who grew up in beautifully dull rural Somerset I always longed to experience the endless expanse of a Mid-West American adventure. I’ll admit I read Kerouac too young and this may have been a mitigating factor. As a result of this I would endlessly curate mixtapes of my fantasy adventures and this track would have fit right in.

I swear I live my life via self induced music montages and this would soundtrack a sleepy day on my adventure with friends, smokes and a few beers. Although reportedly only a demo it’s certainly been enough for me to throw myself into the rest of Caitlin Rose’s beautiful back catalog. If any of you plan on going on this trip invite me and I’ll bring the mixtape.

As an unrelated sidetone, everyone must download this “Name your price” track from “Yours are the only eyes” titled “Fire in my eyes.” It’s stunning, free (if you’re thrifty) and available here.

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