Sam Duckworth | 1986

When I was at school all the kids with fringes loved “Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.” The moniker used by Sam Duckworth, produced delicate acoustic tracks for those of us too sensitive for nu-rave. However, like all things, we had to grow up and we realised there’s more to life than one singer who “gets you.” Duckworth continued to perform under his Get Cape name until last year in which he sought aforementioned growth on his own.

Now performing under his own name Duckworth has dropped this track “1986.” I was really hesitant I have to admit. When I had a long fringe of my own Get Cape where prevalent on my iPod but as I got older I developed my music taste away from pseudo-emo acoustic crooning. But saying this Duckworth has grown with me and written an excellent track about how it feels to be in your 20s during 2015. It’s a nice distraction to the music that I would arrogantly describe as more “serious” and a helpful reminder that we are all semi-useless in our 20s. Oh and it’s a free download, that’s also a thing.

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