Tamara Williamson | Victoria

Being a trendy young art thing most of the music I get exposed to is made by trendy fringes making trendy fringe music for trendy fringes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all over this stuff, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut my mustard the right way. Music is a great democratic tool and is able to be an enjoyable experience as well as a tool for socio-political debate. For every song about your ex girlfriend there is also a protest song about government spending. It’s true, just ask Mr Bragg.

So here I am writing and featuring this track by Tamara Williamson. Reminiscent of the 90s female singer songwriters “Victoria” is from the new album “Sister Mother Daughter Wife” a protest album about how we treat our women in contemporary society. Sorry if this seems to be too heavy for you alcohol loving trendy fringe blogger but bollocks to you if that’s your mindset. We have as much a responsibility to engage with that we find difficult with that we find enjoyable. A whole album dedicated to women’s rights in it’s entirety bringing true stories into a cohesive position is a great example of what music can achieve. “Victoria” is inspired by the following passage:

“At the age of twenty Victoria found out that the parents who had raised her were not her family, and had been responsible for her abduction as a baby. After many years of searching Victoria found that her father had been a victim of the “death flight’s” where thousands of young Argentinian citizen’s were thrown alive from planes into the Atlantic Ocean. Her mothers body has never been recovered.”

As a track it’s hauntingly sad and sits in that awkward space between musical enjoyment and debate. All proceeds from the album will be going to Amnesty International so buy it and contribute to a debate that is terrifyingly sad to have to be having in the 21st century but that we are obliged to by our participation in modern society. Don’t get butthurt and pretend it’s not a discourse worth arguing and fighting for.

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