Hotel of the Laughing Tree | Duo

Submissions are great, part of any successful community requires dialogue between all aspects of said community. The tastemakers (which I am not) are not gatekeepers after all. “Hotel of the Laughing Tree” sent me Duo off their new album and considering the tracks I’ve been posting recently I really needed to get out of the headspace of “serious” music’ Not to say that HOTLT (it’s so much easier to type that way) don’t take themselves seriously. Instead you’re given a dancing tune that indie rock seems to have started to leave behind in the advent of it’s greater exposure. There’s still something to be said about guys playing music in a garage for the sheer reason to fuck about and have a laugh. It’s a track that has long been needed to liven up the blog and my own purely selfish soundcloud playlist.

The track is off the upcoming Spring release “New World Sundown” which will be an excellent introduction to the inevitably more cheerful Spring weather which I am seriously excited for.

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