My Little Empire | New Emperors

So I’ve had a bit of a break blogging lately due to an exhibition that I’ve been putting up over the last 2 weeks that has left my jaded in pretty much every setup. So as a reward for any outstanding loyalty here is a wonderful chance to pick up some new music to compliment your already impeccable and well informed iTunes library. To celebrate the launch of “My Little Empire Records” the aforementioned label have put together a compilation LP of emerging and new acts that 2015 is set to celebrate. Filled with 19 acts that may or may not have flown under your radar it’s a fantastic opportunity and, as it’s released on a pay-what-you-like basis, you can get it for free should you so choose. But don’t be that guy, at least donate a quid? Below is one of the standout tracks from the LP by Tenterhooks that definitely flew under my radar when it was released. I’ll be back more regularly now that my exhibition has closed.

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