The Tallest Man On Earth | Sagres

Oh fuck yes now this is what I’m talking about! Kristian Matsson, otherwise know by his stage name “The Tallest Man On Earth” recently announced his upcoming album “Dark Bird Is Home” will be released on May 12th and right here, right now, is the reason you should buy that shit the second it drops. “Sabres” is the debut single from his upcoming LP and a definite evolution of the single guitar that was played on “The Wild Hunt” and the sparse instrumentation of “There’s No Leaving Now.” It’s an opportunity to see how this mastered Scandinavian deals with a full band and man, it’s fucking glorious. Imagine really liking chocolate, then someone makes chocolate ice cream and then somehow, some genius creates chocolate ice cream sandwiches using chocolate biscuits. This is the greatest musical dessert of all time. Lemonade is great but this development is like adding Vodka and really letting you enjoy your beverage. This is ear beer at it’s finest and I’m all over it. Out on Dead Oceans, this is undoubtedly going to rocket to a number of 2015 top 10 albums and considering the quality of his continued output, who can blame the man. Now I’m off to plan my proposal speech to this guy on his recently announce full band tour. In a bit.

Death Cab For Cutie | No Room In Frame

I know this is naughty as just a few weeks ago I played the first Death Cab track off the new album and, considering that I’ve long since outgrown DCFC as narrators of my personal lifestyle, I no longer consider Death Cab that relevant means it’s slightly odd for me to be playing their album opener “No Room In Frame” here. My big reason for doing this is, and I can’t express this enough, my enormous disappointment with “Codes & Keys” in 2011. I know I was clouded by nostalgia, and bands inevitable move on and change, but the gradual move away from the era of “Army Corps of Architects” was becoming a chasm between a band I loved and a band that I wanted to like. The reason this is exciting me to the degree this way is due to it actually exciting me about what DCFC are up to again and reinvigorating my interest in a band that had, perhaps not started to wane just fall out of my own personal radar (and it is personal). Although we’ll never have a rehash of our favourite album from any said artist (and that would be awful) it does at least signal a move back into a direction that I can ride and enjoy. I may be a sellout but Ive having a fucking dandy time doing it so sue me?

CROCODILES | Crybaby Demon

I swear I’ve been casually listening to these guys for years. Now on their 5th LP, “Crybaby Demons” is the new song released as the first single ahead of the forthcoming album “Boys.” It’s snarling and full of proto-punk influences that seem to consistently hold sway in my musical vocabulary. Definitely designed to be turned up loud, it’s certainly not for brooding alone time moments with a bottle of wine and a whole tub of ice cream. Rather it’s a road trip, house party, illicit encounters song. Made for a montage of bad decisions and even worse hangovers.

Lois & The Love | Pinocchio

Christ I’m incosistent. I go through period of weekly posts then a desert of any motivation either here or in my overall life in general. As my finger has been slightly off the pulse in recent weeks due to my slow level of productivity I’ve relied on my email inbox to help provide with some new stuff to glean on my pallet and I was drawn to Lois & The Love’s new track “Pinocchio” coming off the soon to be released LP “Love is Louder.” Uncomplicated and simple, which is perfect for me, I was also interested in the band due to my own current inclusion in a female fronted band (although we play significantly more punk). In a bit, I’ll try and be better…

Hayden | Nowhere We Cannot Go

So it’s been a little while as I’ve just been insanely busy trying to motivate myself to make artwork and I’ve neglected my ear beer position as when I’m stressed the first thing I revert to is Led Zeppelin records. Now I’m exiting my overt stress as I was perfectly saved by the announcement that after just 2 years, Hayden is back with a new record “Hey Love” slated for release on March 25th with Arts and Crafts records. Hayden is like ice cream for the mind, it’s smooth and entirely pleasing with echoes of future repercussions. Although the metaphor certainly doesn’t extend to chronic obesity.