Fort Lean | New Hobbies

Fort Lean feel like they’ve been around forever. I remember getting my hands on “High Definition” way back in 2011 and expecting the next big thing. They’ve been bubbling under the surface like a vitriolic drunken argument for plenty of time now and on July 23rd we won’t have to wait any longer as their first LP “Quiet Day” will be released on “ooh la la Records.”

“New Hobbies” is one of those songs that remind you how great it is sometimes to just re-engage with just a really good rock band. The word ‘Rock’ has lost all it’s credibility, for good reason. It’s a word that reminds me of 12 year olds with black nail varnish and hair growing in every direction. Fort Lean remind us of the very fundamentals of why we join bands in the first place. To thunder down riffs and throw caution to the wind. Also to sweat it out in front of people who actually like the noises you make. Lucky buggers.

XING | Fate

I grew up with an Acoustic Guitar in my hands and delusions of grandeur. Like most young teenagers, I thought I was the embodiment of Elliot Smith ready to lead my flock of fellow misunderstoods into a new age of introspection and emotionally maturity. As I aged and actually gained some emotional maturity, which comes with its twin brother “fucking perspective” I realised that man with acoustic guitar does not equal Elliot Smith. Thankfully my love for the instrument pervades and London/LA band XING embody that nicely. Fate is a Demo released a year ago but with XING currently in the mastering process for their upcoming EP maybe it’s time to get excited by it all over again? I think so. Let’s all get excited.

If not I might start thinking I’ve got an album in me and trust me I don’t. Let’s leave it to crooners who are more indie than folk and managed to blend the backing vocals with global pop fundamentals that we can all sympathise with.

Wilderness | Tomorrow Will Be Different

As soon as the sun makes it much awaited pilgrimage to Scotland for an annual hour of yearly sunshine I get inevitably excited for the summer and start to listen to music that solely ignites the ideas of day drinking in the sun and smoking until the final hour of daylight. This track by Wilderness, available on the EP “This World Is Not Ours” out tomorrow (April 24th), is an excellent example of guitar driven, hook-laden indiepop that perfectly supplements my continued ability to waste away these beautiful days.

Dutch Party | Astral Nights EP

Back in December I featured a track by the band Dutch Party and summed it up as 60s inspired music that “has that 60s attitude with just enough edge to not be Simon and Garfunkel.” Well the EP was released yesterday and is another instant charmer, although I’m easily swayed. Continuing in the rich vein of plinky plonkey piano and 60s inspired tube amp guitars the EP is ideal for the days I’m currently spending in the Sun smoking far too much and day drinking wine out of a box.

The second single “Storm of the Century” is below and fiercely reminds of “Telekinesis.” If you can compare favourably to the current king to catchy indie tunes then I think you’ll do just fine kid. Grab the EP from iTunes and do yourself a massive favour. Trust me, it’s worth it.

International Friendly | The Bridge Ices Before The Road

Like any human, the period of time in which I grew up will always be considered the best in my mind. The 90s for me represent all things goo. Fizzy drinks with enough toxic chemicals to make them fluorescent green, Kenan and Kel, skateboards and acceptable use of the word ‘radical.’ The music of the time epitomised a lot of this as bands were free to experiment with post-punk, grunge, shoe gaze and indie to bring together the best shit for you to stuff into your cassette player. “International Friendly’s” EP “IF” which is currently out on a pay-as-you-like formate from here. Get it and enjoy a band that self-identify as Pinkerton Era Weezer.

The Tallest Man On Earth | Dark Bird Is Home

Ahhhhh this is what I’m talking about. Just as “Sagres” was starting to get overplayed on my now ancient iPod, Tallest Man comes out with the title track off the upcoming album out now in just a few weeks. Something of a return to the classic sound we have come to love from Matsson. Significant considering the lush intstrumentation on “Sagres,” as it almost sounds like the tracks from “The Wild Hunt” until the last third of the track where the band pick into the rest of the song. The risk with releasing tracks so far from the release of the actual album is that we can get far too excited around a single song that lends to an album being warm beer. It’s still beer but not what you wanted or expected. Hence why this track coming out is another perfect opportunity to whet the appetite for the Summer release. Heres hoping there is a festival appearance this Summer, because that would dictate the majority of my Summer fun.

Racing Glaciers | What I Saw

Having grown up through the 90s and early 2000s my music taste was always dominate by the advent of post-punk and the following indie scene. Long shot of what ‘indie’ became synonymous with in the UK, predominantly bands like ‘The Fratellis’ or even worse ‘The Kooks’ dominating the front page of NME every week. Did anyone ever really like Glasvegas? Racing Glaciers have some of that raw demonstrative guitar work that I always admired and sought after when I was a broody, moody fringey. There latest offering, the excellent ‘What I Saw,’ reminds me of the first Twilight Sad record (if only in parts) with the rousing feedback reaching a cacophony along with the earnestness of the lyrical content. It’s like the moment you have an epiphany of genius proportions when rip-roaringly drunk.

An introduction to their debut album, the single will be available to buy on a stand-alone basis from Killing Moon Records come April 13th.

Lionhorse | Surrender

As a rule, growing up I was always a rocker kid. Long hair in intense curls and a guitar ceremoniously accompanying me everywhere regardless of my ability being that very much of an amateur. Lionhorse fit this old school hankering nicely. I don’t think I’ll ever grow up or get bored of a classic rock band, no matter how cool I think I am or how many Urban Outfitters tees I wear. The second single from their upcoming album,  ‘Surrender’ is an excellent mix of aggressive guitars and melodic vocal melodies that hark back to all the bands we were in during our mid teens. Hailing from Norway, Lionhorse remind us all of what we wished we would become when practicing in our parents garage.

The single is out April 14th from the album ‘The Boy And The Sun’ due on May 26th, both on Rhinoprod Records. Get your fill kids.

The Japanese House | Teeth

When the sun starts to make it’s annual short lived pilgrimage through the clouds for what us Brits tentatively call “Spring” the music releases start to cover what I would call “Outside Beer Tunes.” Introspective indie musings make their exit and in comes the shoe gaze dance tunes. ‘The Japanese House’ ignores all this and have released the second song from the upcoming EP, out April 27th, titled “Pools to Bathe.” It’s great that indie music these days is moving away from just 4 dudes, 2 guitars and fringes. There’s now a feeling that we aren’t just working from a garage start up, now with all of us more technically able for a cheaper financial hit, and this track is a perfect example of the ability prevalent from the start up bands we are all listening to these days. These are one of the most exciting 2015 acts and could easily be spinning at the end of a party where all that’s left is you smoking a cigarette at daybreak with a splitting hangover.

Kori Lynn | Goin’ Steady

I swear I’m always prefacing stuff here with the phrase “I’m not normally into this,” maybe my tastes are just changing. Regardless I have to admit there’s only so much Americana tinged indie rock I can sift through before I start to feel like I’m in an American coming-of-age film. Kori Lynn arrived in my inbox after just having what felt like my 50th cigarette (more accurately the 5th, I’m just delicate) and shot me back to my biggest weakness, dark smelly bars where I drink too much. Any song that can take me to my happy place is worth a crack. Formally fronting Mystic, Lynn’s struck out on her own and has self-released her debut track and cause I’m a cracking chap I’m sharing it. I’m just that nice y’know?


P.S. Get it here you stingy bastards.