Kori Lynn | Goin’ Steady

I swear I’m always prefacing stuff here with the phrase “I’m not normally into this,” maybe my tastes are just changing. Regardless I have to admit there’s only so much Americana tinged indie rock I can sift through before I start to feel like I’m in an American coming-of-age film. Kori Lynn arrived in my inbox after just having what felt like my 50th cigarette (more accurately the 5th, I’m just delicate) and shot me back to my biggest weakness, dark smelly bars where I drink too much. Any song that can take me to my happy place is worth a crack. Formally fronting Mystic, Lynn’s struck out on her own and has self-released her debut track and cause I’m a cracking chap I’m sharing it. I’m just that nice y’know?


P.S. Get it here you stingy bastards.

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