The Japanese House | Teeth

When the sun starts to make it’s annual short lived pilgrimage through the clouds for what us Brits tentatively call “Spring” the music releases start to cover what I would call “Outside Beer Tunes.” Introspective indie musings make their exit and in comes the shoe gaze dance tunes. ‘The Japanese House’ ignores all this and have released the second song from the upcoming EP, out April 27th, titled “Pools to Bathe.” It’s great that indie music these days is moving away from just 4 dudes, 2 guitars and fringes. There’s now a feeling that we aren’t just working from a garage start up, now with all of us more technically able for a cheaper financial hit, and this track is a perfect example of the ability prevalent from the start up bands we are all listening to these days. These are one of the most exciting 2015 acts and could easily be spinning at the end of a party where all that’s left is you smoking a cigarette at daybreak with a splitting hangover.

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