Lionhorse | Surrender

As a rule, growing up I was always a rocker kid. Long hair in intense curls and a guitar ceremoniously accompanying me everywhere regardless of my ability being that very much of an amateur. Lionhorse fit this old school hankering nicely. I don’t think I’ll ever grow up or get bored of a classic rock band, no matter how cool I think I am or how many Urban Outfitters tees I wear. The second single from their upcoming album,  ‘Surrender’ is an excellent mix of aggressive guitars and melodic vocal melodies that hark back to all the bands we were in during our mid teens. Hailing from Norway, Lionhorse remind us all of what we wished we would become when practicing in our parents garage.

The single is out April 14th from the album ‘The Boy And The Sun’ due on May 26th, both on Rhinoprod Records. Get your fill kids.

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