Racing Glaciers | What I Saw

Having grown up through the 90s and early 2000s my music taste was always dominate by the advent of post-punk and the following indie scene. Long shot of what ‘indie’ became synonymous with in the UK, predominantly bands like ‘The Fratellis’ or even worse ‘The Kooks’ dominating the front page of NME every week. Did anyone ever really like Glasvegas? Racing Glaciers have some of that raw demonstrative guitar work that I always admired and sought after when I was a broody, moody fringey. There latest offering, the excellent ‘What I Saw,’ reminds me of the first Twilight Sad record (if only in parts) with the rousing feedback reaching a cacophony along with the earnestness of the lyrical content. It’s like the moment you have an epiphany of genius proportions when rip-roaringly drunk.

An introduction to their debut album, the single will be available to buy on a stand-alone basis from Killing Moon Records come April 13th.

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