The Tallest Man On Earth | Dark Bird Is Home

Ahhhhh this is what I’m talking about. Just as “Sagres” was starting to get overplayed on my now ancient iPod, Tallest Man comes out with the title track off the upcoming album out now in just a few weeks. Something of a return to the classic sound we have come to love from Matsson. Significant considering the lush intstrumentation on “Sagres,” as it almost sounds like the tracks from “The Wild Hunt” until the last third of the track where the band pick into the rest of the song. The risk with releasing tracks so far from the release of the actual album is that we can get far too excited around a single song that lends to an album being warm beer. It’s still beer but not what you wanted or expected. Hence why this track coming out is another perfect opportunity to whet the appetite for the Summer release. Heres hoping there is a festival appearance this Summer, because that would dictate the majority of my Summer fun.

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