XING | Fate

I grew up with an Acoustic Guitar in my hands and delusions of grandeur. Like most young teenagers, I thought I was the embodiment of Elliot Smith ready to lead my flock of fellow misunderstoods into a new age of introspection and emotionally maturity. As I aged and actually gained some emotional maturity, which comes with its twin brother “fucking perspective” I realised that man with acoustic guitar does not equal Elliot Smith. Thankfully my love for the instrument pervades and London/LA band XING embody that nicely. Fate is a Demo released a year ago but with XING currently in the mastering process for their upcoming EP maybe it’s time to get excited by it all over again? I think so. Let’s all get excited.

If not I might start thinking I’ve got an album in me and trust me I don’t. Let’s leave it to crooners who are more indie than folk and managed to blend the backing vocals with global pop fundamentals that we can all sympathise with.

One thought on “XING | Fate

  1. This is cool. I think it’s actually more reminiscent of a serious Mac de Marco rather than a sillier Elliot Smith. The lyrics are too lightweight to be like ES, but that doesn’t make them bad. Sometimes we needn’t be peering into our own souls the whole time – in fact naval gazing is probably bad for us! I really like the way the piano and the bass interact as a slightly off kilter rhythm agains the melody in this, it’s great!


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