Fort Lean | New Hobbies

Fort Lean feel like they’ve been around forever. I remember getting my hands on “High Definition” way back in 2011 and expecting the next big thing. They’ve been bubbling under the surface like a vitriolic drunken argument for plenty of time now and on July 23rd we won’t have to wait any longer as their first LP “Quiet Day” will be released on “ooh la la Records.”

“New Hobbies” is one of those songs that remind you how great it is sometimes to just re-engage with just a really good rock band. The word ‘Rock’ has lost all it’s credibility, for good reason. It’s a word that reminds me of 12 year olds with black nail varnish and hair growing in every direction. Fort Lean remind us of the very fundamentals of why we join bands in the first place. To thunder down riffs and throw caution to the wind. Also to sweat it out in front of people who actually like the noises you make. Lucky buggers.

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