CHI | Tender [Cover]

I’ve always loved a good cover. I know it sounds ridiculous but there’s something in seeing a new take on a classic or a development of an obscure tune. Right off the top of my head I remember Hendrix making “All Along the Watchtower” his proverbial bitch and to this day Dylan plays it in the way Hendrix did as an homage to the quality musicians can exude into each other’s songs. With that in mind here is Bristol/Spanish raised CHI and her cover of Blur’s Tender. I remember seeing Blur at Glastonbury in 2009 and Tender was the undoubtable highlight of the set. To the point that when everyone was stumbling through the mud to their tents you could hear drunken renditions across Worthy Farm for the rest of the night. CHI retains all the emotive structure of the original but uses her masterfully trained voice to stamp her own wonderful homage on an already excellent track.

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