Mabel | Rachel

For as long as I’m a guitarist in bands I’ll always be obsessed with punk influence guitar driven indie rock. As much to possible future bandmates chagrin its a given and something I can’t give up or resign. It’s a pervasive influence. Australian band “Mabel” will be releasing the track Rachel on 14th September and it really does scratch the itch. Not out of place being played in art school bars or on large stages in front of adoring inebriated fans it’s a soundtrack to waning summer days.

Metric | The Shade [Video]

Metric have just released the official video for “The Shade,” one of the singles of their forthcoming album “Pagans in Vegas” which sees release on 18th September on the bands own label MMI. I’ve always been crazy into Metric ever since they released Synthetica so I’m crazy excited for the new album. Saying this, the single did shoot under my haphazard radar and “The Shade” has actually been out on iTunes for months. Oops. Fortunately I will remedy this by almost certainly going to see them on their UK tour in Glasgow. You should come too and we can dance it off.

Wed 7th BRISTOL, O2 Academy
Thur 8th BIRMINGHAM, Birmingham Institute
Fri 9th MANCHESTER, Ritz
Sun 11th GLASGOW, O2 ABC
Mon 12th OXFORD, O2 Academy

Wed 14th LONDON, Forum

And heres the soundcloud link just in case, like me, you missed it first time around. Or just get it on iTunes like the good boys and girls I know you are.

Steven A. Clark | Can’t Have

I grew up listening to the kind of post-grunge American shoe gaze/indie bands that followed the same old rules. 2 guitars, adolescent melancholy and plenty of outsider credit. As much as I idolised Built To Spill, Harvey Danger and The Long Winters, I did end up with a very closed mind of what great music was being made. It was almost the case that if it didn’t have pining guitars and someone who just understood me then I couldn’t get my head round it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always gravitate to that music but it means I would have missed this phenomenal track from Steven A. Clark. A track so fantastic that I might actually have to preorder the whole upcoming release “The Lonely Roller” before it drops September the18th on Secretly Canadian. Until then just fall in love with this guys pipes until you dissolve into a post eargasm jelly.

Mieke | Sleeping Alone

In contrast to my last post about dodgy hangovers and lofi Garage Rock that makes you feel satisfied in your life decisions Canadian born Mieke gave me something else. A genuine slice of pitch perfect vocal harmonies and an absolute killing lead vocal line to gently lull me into the dangerous position of “everything is gonna be fine.” Mieke, a model to support her artistry, is set to release her debut EP on August 28th. Personal songs written from a position of vulnerability can really go two ways. They either make sublime connections and become an empathising part of our lives or they become preachy, self-involved or even worse “baggy.” Mieke however crafts something so excellently simple whilst delivering on every note and piano interlude to give us a track and musician to keep an eye on.

Fruit Bomb | Goin’ Home

I’m not good when I’m hungover. Today I’ve been shouldering a hangover that has felt like my life is about to end. A couple of pre-practice beers turned into a bender with our bassist and myself which resulted into my holding the toilet seat for dear life until the early evening. Now I’ve recovered (just enough) to post this track that kept me out of the doldrums for too long. Fruit Bomb’s new single Goin’ Home which you can preorder here (I have and it’s excellent) from Delicious Clam records. When I’m dying of alcohol intake the only thing that can really make me feel better is reinforcement of my life choices and Manchester’s Fruit Bomb gave me that in spades today. I need to feel like it was a good idea to get that drunk, to talk to that person, to have that 4am cigarette instead of a glass of water and lofi Garage punk inspired tunes are just the ticket. The confirmation that it’s okay to be young and stupid because I’ve got a soundtrack to it now.

Widowspeak | Dead Love (So Still)

There’s so much that I kept intending to post here and never got round to. Instead I’ve spent the Summer so far, behaving badly and drinking too much which has kept me away not just from the blog but every other important commitment in my life so far. I’m a big disappointment it seems. Anyway today I’m sharing again, finally, you lucky pups. I’ve been off the map for a long time but Widowspeak’s new track off the forthcoming full release has pulled me out of that slump. My bandmates have commented that I’m into my “whiny American music” which is code for my inclination towards story tellers and fuzzy guitars. Apparently the result of documenting a non relationship this track will be from the LP “All Yours” out September 4th via Captured Tracks.

And as a special treat seeing as I’ve been away for so long is HAIM’s remix of Tame Impalas “Cause I’m a Man.” They’ve never really caught my imagination as a band but this, well this is delightful.