Widowspeak | Dead Love (So Still)

There’s so much that I kept intending to post here and never got round to. Instead I’ve spent the Summer so far, behaving badly and drinking too much which has kept me away not just from the blog but every other important commitment in my life so far. I’m a big disappointment it seems. Anyway today I’m sharing again, finally, you lucky pups. I’ve been off the map for a long time but Widowspeak’s new track off the forthcoming full release has pulled me out of that slump. My bandmates have commented that I’m into my “whiny American music” which is code for my inclination towards story tellers and fuzzy guitars. Apparently the result of documenting a non relationship this track will be from the LP “All Yours” out September 4th via Captured Tracks.

And as a special treat seeing as I’ve been away for so long is HAIM’s remix of Tame Impalas “Cause I’m a Man.” They’ve never really caught my imagination as a band but this, well this is delightful.

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