Fruit Bomb | Goin’ Home

I’m not good when I’m hungover. Today I’ve been shouldering a hangover that has felt like my life is about to end. A couple of pre-practice beers turned into a bender with our bassist and myself which resulted into my holding the toilet seat for dear life until the early evening. Now I’ve recovered (just enough) to post this track that kept me out of the doldrums for too long. Fruit Bomb’s new single Goin’ Home which you can preorder here (I have and it’s excellent) from Delicious Clam records. When I’m dying of alcohol intake the only thing that can really make me feel better is reinforcement of my life choices and Manchester’s Fruit Bomb gave me that in spades today. I need to feel like it was a good idea to get that drunk, to talk to that person, to have that 4am cigarette instead of a glass of water and lofi Garage punk inspired tunes are just the ticket. The confirmation that it’s okay to be young and stupid because I’ve got a soundtrack to it now.

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