Steven A. Clark | Can’t Have

I grew up listening to the kind of post-grunge American shoe gaze/indie bands that followed the same old rules. 2 guitars, adolescent melancholy and plenty of outsider credit. As much as I idolised Built To Spill, Harvey Danger and The Long Winters, I did end up with a very closed mind of what great music was being made. It was almost the case that if it didn’t have pining guitars and someone who just understood me then I couldn’t get my head round it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always gravitate to that music but it means I would have missed this phenomenal track from Steven A. Clark. A track so fantastic that I might actually have to preorder the whole upcoming release “The Lonely Roller” before it drops September the18th on Secretly Canadian. Until then just fall in love with this guys pipes until you dissolve into a post eargasm jelly.

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