Fickle Friends | Say No More

Retro nostalgia is apparently trendy. And here I thought I was ahead of the curve because I still like Fraggle Rock. Fickle Friends, with this in mind, have released new single Say No More ahead of their full length release. It’s good isn’t it? It seems so many bands are now doing the late 80s/90s inspired indie pop and its hard to separate the proverbial beer from the piss. I can earnestly say however that Fickle Friends stride ahead of plenty of their contemporaries. Sounding as good on headphones as it does piling out of a sound system as a party, Fickle Friends have the potential to soundtrack many awkward virginity moments in TV show montages. Sounds facetious, it isn’t, this just has the potential to really blow up. Combining introspective pop synth with hooks not out of touch with the best albums from a particularly solid 93 vintage, Fickle Friends are the best of the nostalgia bunch.

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