PWR BTTM | Dairy Queen

Sorry about my lack of activity over the weekend but I genuinely spent the entire time drinking and recovering from said excessive binges. As you can imagine, I needed something to make me feel better about the ridiculous decisions I made and hey, what do you know, PWR BTTM provided. Apart from desperately trying not think of what a Power Bottom would be (the shit hitting the fan would have a totally different meaning) I’ve been smashing through this track all day in the studio as an alternative to listening to other Art Students get ripped apart in tutorials. The song plays almost like an oblique sideways summary of all your favourite ‘coming-of-age’ indie flicks. I can already see Michael Cera shaving around his pre-pubescent facial hair as this song plays over the intro credits. Not to do the band any disservice as the song is quirky enough to fill that particular gap in the market but is layered with enough narrative and interesting musicianship to continue to demand your attention. Dairy Queen is the latest single from the album Ugly Cherries released last month. Give it a download, it’s as fairly recognised as Corbyn’s economic policies.

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