The Besnard Lakes | Golden Lion

How the fuck did I miss this. Totally sidetracked by my art practice I missed this latest released by The Bernard Lakes titled Golden Lion. Out now on iTunes etc, it is the debut single from the upcoming full length LP A Coliseum Complex Museum. This is normally the point in a post where I rehash whatever semblance of wit I like to pretend I possess but for once, I’m out. This is fucking sick. A solid mix of crashing guitars and psychedelic vocals this track is whetting the appetite for the full length release on 22nd January 2016 and the EP “single” release of Golden Lion on November 12th on Jagwaguwar. I know I’m supposed to be posting cool trendy bands that no-one has heard of for my street cred but fuck it, sometimes I want to stand in the same crowd as everyone else congratualating myself in having good taste with a metaphorical reach around. If this track is any indication then it’s another brilliant step on the ladder of The Besnard Lakes career progression.

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