Holy ’57 | H [EP]

I actually featured Holy ’57’s debut track “Island Kids” way back in June and likened them to a Summer cigarette soundtrack. Since then I’ve been watching fondly as they’ve picked up pace and attention both in the blogosphere and the wider social network minefield of opinion. Yesterday (26th of October) Holy ’57 finally released the 4 track EP complete with Island Kids and 3 other tracks to prove to your Mum that kids these days are way cooler than they were in the 80s. The EP opens with “The Tennis Club (Of Bombay)” which is a spoken word introduction over lush, sparse single coil guitars which acts as a wonderful prelude to the Sunny Delight sugary orange coloured flavour of Island Kids. So far so good and exactly what I expected from their previous release. The EP then picks up into a raucous indie pop special in “Au Naturel” with muffled distorted vocals competing with a stronger more typical “indie” guitar presence which acts as a pleasant tonic to the laconic vibes of “Island Kids.” The EP ends with “Savanna” which wouldn’t seem out of place in some sort of hipster summer montage where everyone smokes roll up cigarettes and has hot partners who say the word “rad” a lot. “Savanna” (my favourite track off the record) is a blend of the previous two tracks escalating a chill vibe into a crescendo of guitars and drums which is a great round up to the EP. If “Island Kids” wasn’t your flavour, which I totally get as Sunny D isn’t for everyone, then I implore you to take a look at this EP as there is a real breadth of sound which must make Holy ’57 one of the tips for 2016. Its gonna be mad kid.

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