MIGHTY | Fingertip

Doing something like this, even if it’s in the part-time capacity as a mother with octuplets, the inevitability is that you receive emails consistently from prospective bands, promoters and PR companies. It’s a difficult process as on the one hand, having that kind of connection with something that could turn out to be excellent is to be cherished. This can’t always be the case however, so I often spend most of my time writing apologetic emails in the same voice I talk to grandmother with. Fortunately for MIGHTY however, I was all over it like gut rot in Mcdonalds. This track, “Fingertip,” is their debut single off their forthcoming debut EP “Bye, Have Nice!” Produced by Daniel Gleason of Grouplove and due for release on November 6th via songintheair, the EP is going to be a spine snapping, testicle enlarging, event if this first track is anything to go by. Full of energy and embracing post-punk guitars with wonderful Modest Mouse-esque vocal dips MIGHTY may just have stumbled onto one of this perfect recipe blends for a successful indie band. Whilst not necessarily tackling anything groundbreaking or revolutionary, Fingertip could be the perfect precursor to a Post-punk band ready to the push boat once they get afloat. Don’t hate I love a rhyme. Without predicting too much of MIGHTY’s future, for now we’ll enjoy the post-punk, post-pop, post-alcohol binge party track that is Fingertip and eagerly await the arrival of the EP in a couple of weeks.

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