Big Eater | In Between [Album Stream]

Right now I’m writing an essay proposal on Post-Internet art and it’s position within contemporary Capitalist power structures. Sounds fucking awful doesn’t it? As I am sat here, I’m wondering whether I’m intellectually stunted or if my inherent laziness has reached such a torrential point that I’m now incapable of reading anything that isn’t on the front of a chocolate bar promising a caramel flavoured shot of love to the testicles that replace my brain. Imagine my delight as I stumble through my email inbox and find the email promising the debut album from Big Eater out on Friday 30th of this month on Help Yourself Records. Lazy days, a track from the album featured below for Hype Machine reasons (wink wink, nudge nudge), is an exemplary example of how I feel right now and the laconic vibes that belong to the track weave their way through the album. The album stream is Mac DeMarco via Elliot Smith and is the previously mentioned caramel flavoured shot of love to the proverbials. Halfway between laid-back and introspective, this album will have a devoted following of sensitive slackers taking in every aspect of this delightful record. This is not something to bash out of enormous speakers to impress a girl at a house party but is ideal for me right now as I surround myself in books I can’t comprehend, smoking a crappy roll up cigarette attempting to piece together my ridiculous decision that was Higher Education. Only kidding, I’m not that forlorn, although I am smoking. If I was though, this album would get it.

Stream the fucker here. 

Also if any of you are US based (I am unfortunately not) these are the tour dates for the diary.


11-5-15 New Haven, CT – Cafe 9*
11-6-15 Albany, NY – Tree House*
11-7-15 Providence, RI – TBA
11-8-15 Boston, MA – Out of the Blue Too*
11-9-15 East Hampton, MA – Platinum Pony*
11-10-15 Manchester, NH – Modern Gypsy*
11-11-15 Burlington, VT – TBA*
11-12-15 Montreal, QC – Passion Noir
11-13-15 Annandale-on-Hudson, NY – Bard Root Cellar
11-14-15 Philadelphia, PA – TBA
11-15-15 Baltimore, MD – The Crown
11-16-15 Brooklyn, NY – Palisades

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