I’ve been following GILLBANKS for a while now, but like all things, I’ve been forgetting to post any of their work just like I keep forgetting to call my Mother to tell her that “Yes I am surviving, no I have not discovered Heroin.” GILLBANKS, like so many things these days, is the moniker of a one Sam Gillbanks. Wonder where her got the name? I’ll have to ask. “Invaded,” apparently, by the landscape and cultural clusterfuck that is London, GILLBANKS provides a grungey vibe to the concrete city which is missing from much of the critique of the city. You could be fooled in thinking that London is a hipster tank of 7 quid coffees or an art-utopia filled with creatives. In reality it’s a bit of a stress. This track reminds me strongly of early Modest Mouse, Built to Spill and Pavement mixing the dynamic changes from those 90s Indie greats into something relevant for the modern listening audience. Tiffany is off the upcoming EP “Lend Me Your Skin” which I’ll be waiting for with baited breathe. Unpretentious and surprisingly matured and accomplished for a debut release, Tiffany is a track that showcases the very best of what our young musicians can do given a chance.

Get behind it and get behind the man. This is probably one of the most exciting tracks I’ve had this month.

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