Vandaveer | But Enough On That For Now

I’ve been a very naughty boy. The end of 2015 saw no posts for 2 months and I should feel guilty but the year was such a shit-show for me that the blog unfortunately took a back seat. With Art School pressures and personal life taking a wrong turn down Shit Creek I have unfortunately been absent and my finger exclusively off the pulse. Daddy has been very bad indeed.

To fix this all I’m bringing you some Vandaveer. Whilst my own playing and writing has taken on something of a Post-punk tinge, and this is certainly where plenty of my listening habits currently sit, I will always be partial to old fashioned indie that reminds me that I used to love imaging someone casting me in a Juno-esque film all about me. Because that’s my favourite subject. “But Enough On That For Now” is the new single ahead of Vandaveer’s new album “The Wild Mercury” out February 19th this year on White Space Records. I’ve managed to get myself a sneak peek of the album and it’s fucking wonderful.

Enough of that for now (pun intended), but this track is a gorgeous way to start January in a fresh and invigorating mindset ahead of all the despondency that normally accompanies the Post-Christmas glut when you look down at your stomach and wonder where your feet went. The track is something that can be danced to alongside you partner in a dingy flat after consuming too much cheap wine as much as it could see itself sitting alongside seminal names in some hot-shot film soundtrack. With the harmonies, such a hallmark of their sound, still present there is a developed maturity in the songwriting process that makes the music halfway between an  orchestral score and some Kerouacian vagabond songwriter.

Hopefully this will be a more regular updating space. Peace and cigarettes.

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