Eliza Shaddad | Run

Sometimes dipping into my inbox can do wonderful things my day. I actually saw this track earlier on the 405 but was pleasantly surprised to find it sitting in my email inbox ready to share. Shaddad, born to Scottish and Sudanese parents, has dropped the best anti-love song in recent memory. By anti-love I’m referring to the warnings throughout the lyrics to run the fuck away before you get your heart broken. We’ve all had people like that. People who we are horrendously attracted to that we know are going to metaphorically shit on our doorstep but still go there anyway. Confessional and honest songwriting is something that should be cherished as it’s so easy to edit ones own life experiences to present a more sympathetic version of yourself to an audience. Yet it is that personal exposure that allows us to say “hey I’m shit at this too” which is an underrated quality.

Run is the title track of the upcoming EP out on March 18th vie Beatnik Creative. Even better, she’s touring. Any other Edinburgh based kids fancy coming with me to Sneaky Pete’s to catch the show? No? Get tickets here ya scamps.


19.03 Dartington : Totnes

30.03 Green Door Store : Brighton

31.03 Sebright Arms : London

01.04 The Castle : Manchester

02.04 Studio 2 : Liverpool

03.04 Sunflower Lounge : Birmingham

19.04 Octagon Chapel : Norwich

21.04 Sneaky Pete’s : Edinburgh

22.04 The Hug and Pint : Glasgow

23.04 The Lemon Tree : Aberdeen


03.02 OOAM Festival: Baden

04.02 La Parenthèse : Nyon

12.04 Privatclub : Berlin

13.04 Studio 672 : Cologne

14.04 Schräinerei : Luxembourg

15.04 Sugarfactory : Amsterdam

16.04 Pop Du Label : Paris