Caveman | 80 West

The last track to drop from Caveman, to my mind, was the War on Drugs-esque “Never Going Back” which combined a frantic pace with soaring guitars and a driven strength carrying your balls to the inside of your stomach. This new single slows it right down and gives you the same guitar tones in moderation with an acoustic build up before giving you a symphonic crescendo conclusion that makes you want to pretend that you’re really a rockstar. I fortunately don’t need to pretend. I am Bruce Springsteen. The track really is one of those great driving tunes that makes you feel a little Kerouacian without being a total anus about it. Its a wind down the window, cigarette in your hand and pretend you’re not hopelessly in love with someone out of your league kinda tune.

“80 West” and “Never Going Back” will be on the new album Otero War out on June 17th and is available to pre-order on both Amazon and iTunes so don’t be a dick and buy some music. You dick.

Astronauts | You Can Turn It Off

My listening habits being what they are, my walks to the studio usually consist of bombastic guitar playing and some form of frustrated love-lost singer demanding my attention. Don’t get me wrong, I really fucking love Frightened Rabbit but sometimes you need to return to some lo-fi and get all introspective. I’m sensitive like Tom Hiddleston you see? Astronauts have just dropped the new track “You Can Turn It Off” which has a melodic nature that I can only describe as pleasantly plinky-plonkey. Whilst giving a nod to the twee indie pop of the mid 2000s, the lo-fi nature of Dan Carney aka Astronauts output creates a track that pleasantly murmurs in the background like a snoring hottie in bed. This track is the second single off the forthcoming record End Codes released on May 6th.

You Can Turn It Off hits on the 8th and comes with an excellent remix courtesy of label mates Grasscut which I’ll give you because I ain’t greedy.

Solids | Wait It Out

I really really like rock music. I grew up with my Dads frighteningly typical collection of Led Zeppelin LPS, discovered grunge like any tragic angst-ridden middle class kid and then flitted around Death Cab and the like once I’d discovered that I had real feelings and unrequited love is poetic or some bollocks. Anyway, the point is, you give me guitars and a decent amount of introspection and I will probably dig what you’ve got going on hence Solids new track “Wait It Out.”

Theres something distinctly 90s about their sound. Slightly muddy and almost monotone in pace it reminds me of early Modest Mouse and Built To Spill records with their effortless guitars weaving some kind of melodic discourse over a steady pace. Taking me straight back to Dramamine, “Wait it Out” is a track that would not be out of place on a cassette you burned for your 90s pixie chick girlfriend before you took her for a milkshake at one of those diners I see on American TV all the time but never actually experienced due to having grown up in a part of the UK where cow shit is used as currency.

“Wait It Out” is due out the forthcoming EP “Else” on the 15th April this year (duh) on Topshelf Records and is absolutely worth picking out. Also a lovely little European tour is planned because “Solids” are the gift that keep on bloody giving.

Tour dates: 

May 24 Lata de Zinc Oviedo, Spain
May 26 Dabadaba San Sebastian, Spain
May 27 Get Mad Festival Madrid, Spain
May 28 La [2] de Apolo Barcelona, Spain
May 30 Nieuwe Nor w/ Metz Heerlen, Netherlands
May 31 Rotterdam w/ Metz Rotterdam, Netherlands
Jun 01 Veraw/ Metz Groningen, Netherlands
Jun 03 El Chicho Bordeaux, France
Jun 04 Less Playboy Is More Cowboy Poitiers, France
Jun 06 Old Blue Last w/ BIRDSKULLS London, United Kingdom
Jun 07 The Picture House w/ BIRDSKULLS Sheffield, United Kingdom
Jun 08 The Hope w/ BIRDSKULLS Brighton, United Kingdom
Jun 09 Druckluft Oberhausen, Germany
Jun 12 Ottinger Villa Darmstadt, Germany
Jun 13 Cafe V Lese Prague, Czech Republic