Astronauts | You Can Turn It Off

My listening habits being what they are, my walks to the studio usually consist of bombastic guitar playing and some form of frustrated love-lost singer demanding my attention. Don’t get me wrong, I really fucking love Frightened Rabbit but sometimes you need to return to some lo-fi and get all introspective. I’m sensitive like Tom Hiddleston you see? Astronauts have just dropped the new track “You Can Turn It Off” which has a melodic nature that I can only describe as pleasantly plinky-plonkey. Whilst giving a nod to the twee indie pop of the mid 2000s, the lo-fi nature of Dan Carney aka Astronauts output creates a track that pleasantly murmurs in the background like a snoring hottie in bed. This track is the second single off the forthcoming record End Codes released on May 6th.

You Can Turn It Off hits on the 8th and comes with an excellent remix courtesy of label mates Grasscut which I’ll give you because I ain’t greedy.

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