Caveman | 80 West

The last track to drop from Caveman, to my mind, was the War on Drugs-esque “Never Going Back” which combined a frantic pace with soaring guitars and a driven strength carrying your balls to the inside of your stomach. This new single slows it right down and gives you the same guitar tones in moderation with an acoustic build up before giving you a symphonic crescendo conclusion that makes you want to pretend that you’re really a rockstar. I fortunately don’t need to pretend. I am Bruce Springsteen. The track really is one of those great driving tunes that makes you feel a little Kerouacian without being a total anus about it. Its a wind down the window, cigarette in your hand and pretend you’re not hopelessly in love with someone out of your league kinda tune.

“80 West” and “Never Going Back” will be on the new album Otero War out on June 17th and is available to pre-order on both Amazon and iTunes so don’t be a dick and buy some music. You dick.

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