Hater | Radius

So browsing through the Hype Machine today caught me onto this indie gem from Swedish outfit Hater. “Radius” is the eponymous single from the debut EP out on July 8th and goodness me, isn’t it nice? Whilst I trudge through the Edinburgh summer misery rains I can at least transport myself to a jangly guitar riff and pretend that the next few months will include day drinking in the park as opposed to hopelessly counting the pennies until I can afford to buy a single Tesco’s own lager.

Dear Joe | You Got Me Again

Morning! I’m writing this for you guys whilst sat in the library of the art school, pretending I’m still a student whilst I blanket apply for any job that makes my Masters Degree look even slightly useful. It’s no going brilliantly as of yet if I’m honest. Serves me right for being a middle-class white kid who’s best decision in life was to go to art school and make impenetrable video art.

So this dropped in my inbox today and it’s a delightful introduction to a new vibe that I’ve been missing recently Sweden’s Dear Joe have dropped a new single “You Got Me Again” ahead of the release of their new LP Broken Diamonds. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been hitting a really hard and heavy nostalgia trip recently with my listening habits. Probably because right now the future is about as enticing as chocolate flavoured horse crap. As a result this scratches an itch that originally came about with Arcade Fire, Interpol or Bookhouse Boys releases back when I was 16 and couldn’t grow facial hair.

WALL | Milk (Video)

Just browsing through to find some new music listening as nothing in my inbox is tickling my fancy and my old sources are probably a bit outdated lead me back to Stereogum, a site I’ve not really used in a while. It did however throw up the new video for Milk by WALL, a track off their debut EP released back in January that I completely missed as I was too busy spending money on beer.

Post-punk thumping with an almost spoken word lyrical over-tone plays into this almost catatonic like narrative. If you missed these guys check them out if you need to indulge your post-punk tickle.

Palm Honey | You Stole My Blackout

I’ll always have a soft spot for guitar bands purely because it’s how I’ve always been. Noodling away with friends falsely believing that one day the world is going to be fawning over my weak chin on the front covers of music magazines. Regardless, this has always leant me to having a serious affinity with the effortless riffs that Palm Honey dribble onto my bonnet.

You Stole My Blackout was dropped 2 days ago and the lead riff has similar psychedelic overtones to some of the best that Unknown Mortal Orchestra have dropped. Combine this with smart pop overtones and you’ve got a summer eargasm ready and waiting to dribble into you cultural consciousness. Released both digitally and on 7″ vinyl via Flying Vinyl, it’s just worth the effort butthead.

Slaughter Beach | Glaze

Sometimes I’ll be browsing blogs in my spare time to find something to replace the obscene amount of Frightened Rabbit I listen to. I then realise that nothing can replace my devotion but certain tracks distract me long enough to at least give them a spin and after browsing The Line Of Best Fit I came across this wee beauty from Danish trio Slaughter Beach.

Coming off the back of their debut EP last year, Glaze is the first track dropped by the group in 2016 and it’s a Summer beauty. Bringing back hard the nostalgic days of 2008 with the strong indie chill vibes this is what I need whilst I write this smoking under a tree like the trendiest Art Student outside the trendiest Art School in my trendy Art beanie and trendy Art face. Get into it. It’s real good shit.

Glaze will be out on the Norwegian label Brilliance but get it now whilst it’s hot and get back to those heady days when indie ruled the roost and dub-step was still a Skrillex wet dream.


White Room | Think Too Much

Got plenty to catch up on so if you think you’re getting swamped, well I don’t care. This actually dropped in my inbox today and I’m normally pretty careful with email submissions. I love to receive them but it’s often a lengthy long-winded process of separating the Pepsi from the Coke.

So I was into it when this new track from Brighton’s White Room dropped and immediately brought a Stone Roses vibe to my skin chokingly hot day invigilating my degree show whilst bizarre looking people question the decisions I’ve made in my life. The track definitely brings back some strong 90s vibes without going too far in the psych rock mimicry of Tame Impala. So often you see a band go down the route of distorted guitars and carefully placed vocal harmonies and realise you’ve got the free-to-play version of Tame Impala for all Android devices. Instead, the strong Brit-pop throwbacks and rousing part choruses avoid the trap whilst hitting just the right nostalgic retro nerve. “Think Too Much” drops on June 10th, produced by Theo Verney, on iTunes and Spotify. There’s also some live dates that are probably worth checking chaps.

Live Dates:

27 May – Dot To Dot Festival, Aatma, Manchester

28 May – Dot To Dot Festival, Start The Bus, Bristol

29 May – Dot To Dot Festival, Red Room, Nottingham

03 June – Sticky Mike’s, Brighton

04 June – Goodfest, York

04 June – Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds (This Feeling)

10 June – Isle Of Wight Festival (Jack Rocks/This Feeling)

22-24 June – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield (Jack Rocks/This Feeling)

Will Joseph Cook | Take Me Dancing

Hi. Sorry. I’ve been busy. No excuse I guess but finishing my Masters degree and drinking enough beer to stock half os Australia has really lead to some poor life decisions and inability to keep up with any sort of responsibility. Anyway, I guess I’m back for a bit so I’ll shoot you Will Joseph Cook’s new track “Take Me Dancing.”

Man this track is fun. For fans of Jens Lekman, this track channels the best of what we’ve become accustomed referring to as indie rock. It’s definitely a song for this uncharacteristically beautiful Scottish summer with it’s energetic chorus. Out now in “all the usual places” apparently, give it a listen and pretend your life is much better than it really is. Definitely for fans of Cruisr and the Preatures.