White Room | Think Too Much

Got plenty to catch up on so if you think you’re getting swamped, well I don’t care. This actually dropped in my inbox today and I’m normally pretty careful with email submissions. I love to receive them but it’s often a lengthy long-winded process of separating the Pepsi from the Coke.

So I was into it when this new track from Brighton’s White Room dropped and immediately brought a Stone Roses vibe to my skin chokingly hot day invigilating my degree show whilst bizarre looking people question the decisions I’ve made in my life. The track definitely brings back some strong 90s vibes without going too far in the psych rock mimicry of Tame Impala. So often you see a band go down the route of distorted guitars and carefully placed vocal harmonies and realise you’ve got the free-to-play version of Tame Impala for all Android devices. Instead, the strong Brit-pop throwbacks and rousing part choruses avoid the trap whilst hitting just the right nostalgic retro nerve. “Think Too Much” drops on June 10th, produced by Theo Verney, on iTunes and Spotify. There’s also some live dates that are probably worth checking chaps.

Live Dates:

27 May – Dot To Dot Festival, Aatma, Manchester

28 May – Dot To Dot Festival, Start The Bus, Bristol

29 May – Dot To Dot Festival, Red Room, Nottingham

03 June – Sticky Mike’s, Brighton

04 June – Goodfest, York

04 June – Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds (This Feeling)

10 June – Isle Of Wight Festival (Jack Rocks/This Feeling)

22-24 June – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield (Jack Rocks/This Feeling)

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