Dear Joe | You Got Me Again

Morning! I’m writing this for you guys whilst sat in the library of the art school, pretending I’m still a student whilst I blanket apply for any job that makes my Masters Degree look even slightly useful. It’s no going brilliantly as of yet if I’m honest. Serves me right for being a middle-class white kid who’s best decision in life was to go to art school and make impenetrable video art.

So this dropped in my inbox today and it’s a delightful introduction to a new vibe that I’ve been missing recently Sweden’s Dear Joe have dropped a new single “You Got Me Again” ahead of the release of their new LP Broken Diamonds. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been hitting a really hard and heavy nostalgia trip recently with my listening habits. Probably because right now the future is about as enticing as chocolate flavoured horse crap. As a result this scratches an itch that originally came about with Arcade Fire, Interpol or Bookhouse Boys releases back when I was 16 and couldn’t grow facial hair.

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